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There're different kind of editors for GPL around. Unfortunatly there's not one editor to help you create a track or car in one application. But maybe you find enough information here to create some ?

So the editors have to be split into sections.



  • Sciss by Guru
    Small program which you can use to check if you have all files for a given 3DO. Just copy into your track project and copy the 3DO file via drag and drop on it. It will create a 3DO filename.WOB file which is a textfile containing the output of the analyse. [Download the tool here]


  • Trk 2 3DO z by Guru
    trk23doZ is the compiler, use it to create teh track.3do, you need all the building files together with the 3do of trackside objects (trk23dow and f are older and with much more bugs so don't use them). [Link to Trk 2 3DO z]


  • GTK Maker by Guru
    GTK Maker lets you create a GTK file from an aero pic. [Link to GTK Maker]
  • GPLtrk by Peter Prochazka
    With GPLtrk you build the GTK file or , if you have already created it with the program above, you modify it and assign the right walls, creates also the .TRK file. [Link to GPLtrk]
  • GTK Alt by Guru
    GTK Alt(itude) lets you edit the elevations of your track layout but it's maybe better if you use newer gracEd or heightED (gracEd needs txt2gtk to convert the data). [Link to GTK Alt]
  • gracEd by Anton Norup Sørensen
    Graphical trace editor for creating tracks for Grand Prix Legends. [Download link to gracEd v. 0.96]
  • heightED by Otavio Silveira "Eletricman"
    This is a program developed to help people to edit and calculate height coefficients on track editing. In many cases the only reliable source of data is a series of points, obtained from Google Earth, for example, or any other program. [Link to heightED]

Textures and buildings (Mip, srb, pbf, 3DO)

  • WINMIP 2 by Klaus Hörbrand
    Most common used tool to create/convert all GPL image formats. Also works with ICR2, N2, N3, N4, N2002 and N2003. It helps you create/modify Mibs, PBF and SRB files as well as helping you to convert images to GPL formats. You can unpack/pack DAT files with it too. [Link to Klaus Hörbrand website]
  • PapyBMP by Nigel Pattinson
    Creates/converts GPL image formats [Link to PapyBMP]
  • One-Two-3DO by Christian Wohlfahrt
    Quote of the author:
    I designed this program with the highest possible compatibility in mind, so data to build a 3DO can be obtained from various sources, such as DXF, 3DO-Text by Paul Hoads Editor and self-defined ASCII files.
    This program is also known as 123do[Link to One-Two-3DO]
  • 3DOed by Dave Noonan
    This is viewer/editor for .3do files from ICR2,N1,N2 & GPL. The main purpose of the program is to allow the viewing of objects but it does also allow for some editing of coordinates and colours.
    There're different versions available.
    A version 1.0a which you can download here: [3DOEdit v.1.0a]
    A version 2.0d which you can maybe download here ...
  • GPL SRB Mini 3DO Editor by Stefan Magnusson
    Editor for creating and editing small Papyrus GPL 3DO files, with or without a collision volume. [Link to the GPL++ Site. You find it in the menu Utilities/Lee and Stefan]
  • GPL Track Editor, by Paul Hoad/Phil Flack
    A tool to create trackside objects (3DOs). Link to download: [http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=3332]


  • GPL Replay Analyser by Martin Granberg
    With this tool you can export a groove file (.GRV) from a recorded replay. [Link to GPL Replay Analyser]
  • Randy Riggs Groove Editor (grved) by Randy Riggs
    You can edit the GRV file with it. [Link to grvEd]


  • RpyToLP by Nigel Pattinson
    Tool to create the needed LP files from recorded replays. [Link to RpyToLP]
  • AIEdit by Nigel Pattinson
    Editor to fine tune the AI. [Link to AIEdit]

Track Cams

  • GPL TrackKam Editor by Stefan Magnusson
    Quote of the author:
    My own attempt to make a track camera editor for GPL. It did not turn out exactly how I wanted, but it's usable.
    [Link to the GPL++ Site. You find it in the menu Utilities/Lee and Stefan]
  • GPL TrkCAMEdit by Joachim Blum
    Track and car camera creator/editor. [Link to GPL TrkCAMEdit]
  • CamEdit by Nigel Pattinson
    Quote of the author:
    Here's a new program for editing track cameras. The motivation for writing it was that other editors are limited in the number of cameras they can handle, which was a problem for long tracks.
    [Link to CamEdit]
  • GPL CamMod by Teppo Lehtonen
  • Camera Control Master by Peter van der Burg
    Manage several sets of car camera files and switch them during replay (move to movies section as soon as I have it ?)


  • dooDAT by Double D Software
    From the readme:
    • Winzip-alike Explorer shell integration. Extract and Create DAT Files by right-clicking in Explorer
    • Nascar 3 Dashboard Preview. Select a 3rd-party dashboard DAT, and instantly see what it would look like in-game
    • Add DAT files directly to Papyrus game DATS in just a few clicks
    • Create a single DAT containing the contents of a whole folder
    • Add files to a DAT file without extracting and repacking it
    • Add a DAT file to another without extracting and repacking either of them
    • [Link to dooDAT]
  • DATman by Fred Simms
    Quote of the author:
    Here's a little utility I've written just for fun, which, for want of a better name, I've called DATman. Unlike my previous programs, which were written in Excel VBA, this is a VB6 application so anyone can use it.
    Some time ago I was wondering how to convert MIPs etc to BMPs in order to view them in a VB6 program (just like in WinMip2 or GPL Image Viewer). When I had figured it out, I wondered if I could put this knowledge to some practical use. One thing we don't have is a facility to view images contained in a .dat file so I wrote a little program that you may find useful. (dooDAT has a popup menu item to view images but it's disabled).
    I know it's no great hassle to extract files using dooDAT or WinMip, run them through GPL Image Viewer and then delete the unwanted files afterwards, but you may prefer the directness and convenience of a purpose built tool.
    I didn't want the utility to be just a viewer so I've added some other facilities: you can save image files (MIPs, SRBs and PBFs) as BMPs; pack or unpack files (all types of files, not just images); add or remove files; rename etc.
    [Link to DATman]

Track Installer

  • GPL Track Installer by Martin Granberg
    Most tracks developed before the 64 track limit was raised had been using this installer. [Link to Martin Granberg's homepage]
  • Alternative Trackinstaller for GPL by Bernd Nowak
    Works basically the same like Martin Granberg's but is able to adjust to > 64 tracks in ini files as well as you can deploy bitmaps for usage in GEM+. [http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=3468]