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There has been an amazing number of utilities create by some extremely talent members of the GPL Community over the years. Here is a list of those utilities.

NOTE ABOUT HOW PAGE IS STRUCTURED: There are a number of "Aggregation Utilities" which combine multiple utilities in a single one. An example of this is the GPLPL GPL Installer. For utilties which are part of a greater whole, I have noted those below the aggregating utility and indented it. This allows the reader to more easily see what makes up the greater whole and gives one the opportuninty of using indidividual utilities if they choose to. Also, you will find new patches or new versions noted underneath as well.

Absolutely Essential Utilities

Logitech Wheel Drivers If you run a Logitech wheel, like the majority of us, you can get the most current drivers here.

GPLPS GPL Installer by Bernd Nowak. The utility greatly simplifies a new installation of GPL. It applies many of the basic patches and updates the car and original track graphics with the exception of Monaco which you can get HERE

All-In-One Patch version 2.3 Original by Magnus, updated by Bernd Nowak. This patches GPL to the final version Plus it applies the BWPatch, the More Cars patch and the GPLEA Engine Sounds patch. Note that this is included in the GPLPS GPL Installer. So if you used it, then there is no need to use the All-In-One Patch.
Pribluda v0.97b by Denis Fedorov. Pribluda is an essential tool for hotlappers as it provides split times and for online racing as it provides standings and time gaps to cars in front and behind you. This feature is very useful to make sure it is safe to leave the pits or to reenter the track after an off. This version is included as part of the GPLPS GPL installer noted above. The version only works with the older D3D rasterizer. If you run OGL, then get the updated version below. The Pribluda patch adds support for Nigel's OGL v2 rasterizer. Unfortunately, no support currently exists for the new D3D v2 rasterizer.
Pribluda v1.1.1.0 (20080209) This is an update by Amir Kamal. This version includes some new features and also includes support for the old OGL Rasterizer.
Pribluda patch by brr. This patch fixes Pribluda v1.1.1.0 so it will work with Nigel's OGL v2 rasterizer.
GPL Patch Inspector by Bernd Nowak. This utility checks to see what patches are installed and what the settings are for such patches as the More Cars patch. Note that this is included in the GPLPS GPL Installer. So if you used that you've already got it!
GPL Resolution Hacker by Phil Flack. This utility is to create custom output resolutions beyond the few that came with GPL originally. Note that this is included in the GPLPS GPL Installer. So if you used that you've already got it!

GEM2+ iGOR + GPL Setup Manager by Paul Thurston, Christoph Frick & Lee Bowden. GEM functions as a front-end to GPL, which allows you to choose which mod you wish to run as well as many other settings. iGOR is the online race aggregatorr with built-in chat functionality. GPL Setup Manager is included as it's a great way of modifying setups outside of GPL, particularly for the mod setups.

GPL Digitial Display Modifier Look under Utilities then under Lee and Stefan. This utility allows the user to view the same information available at the bottom of the screen, such as RPM and gear, as is visable in the out-of-cockpit view while in the normal cockpit view.

GPLshift+ This utility adds automatic detection for shifters, TrackIR support, changing field of view in-car and message assigned to buttons.

WinVROC This is an program used to host and join online races. It also has chat functionality. iGOR is now the primary tool now used to host and join races but some leagues still use WinVROC.

WinVROC IP Address Update This file updates the IP address of the VROC Race List Server. Instructions for how to run this are on the VROC website.

GPL Replay Analyzer by Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg. This is an invaluable tool for all you budding race engineers. You are able to compare the results of 2 or more laps. Also, its able to export race results. This is a link to the most current version with includes support to export race reports from 60 fps replays. Note, it will not analyize 60 fps laps correctly.

Nigel's Rasterizers by Nigel Pattinson. Updates for the D3D and OpenGL rasterizers which attempt to fix the bugs that exist in the current rasterizers. Note that there are compatibility issues with the new rasterizers and Pribluda.

GPL 60 FPS Patch V2 by brr. The patch modifies GPL to run at a maximum 60 frames per second instead of the original maximum 36 frames per second. Note that there are some compatibility issues which exist, so use with caution.

This version implements fps checking by allowing only 60fpsv2 clients to join 60fpsv2 servers. Clients running with different fps than the server should not attempt to join, since this can cause problems. The patch does not prevent a 60fps client from joining a 36fps server, so 60fps patch users shoud take care to ensure this does not happen.

Other Utilities

Bandwidth Patch By default, GPL online will show only 4 cars in front and 1 behind over internet dialup connections. This patch lets you increase those numbers to 6 in front and 2 behind, or more. And it allows servers to show any combination of cars in front and cars behind instead of the default 75%/25% division. This utility is already included in the GPLPS GPL Installer and the All-In-One Installer.

Starting Grid Editor Allows modification of the starting grid placement for better online racing.

GPL CarCam Editor Utility for changing the location of the camera in replays.

GPL-Record by GPLFanatic. It is a simple program to overwrite the record.ini files that can be found in your Grand Prix Legends Tracks folder These record.ini files are used by the Game to display the best laptimes in the Info map of a specific Track. The program requires the file GPLLaptimes.ini produced by GPLReplayanalyzer. Without this file (and so without GPLRA) you can't use this program.

GPLCarswitcher by GPLFanatic. Allows changing the AI cars so you can have straight-up fights with cars of the same performance.

GPLMixDrivers by GPLFanatic. This utility mixes-up the starting line-up of the AI drivers.

Track Ai Fixes by GPLFanatic. Files to improve the AI at various tracks.

GPL Changers This utility functions as a folder switcher by renaming or copying folders allowing such things as multiple car sets.

GPL Glance by Mauritz Lindqvist. A small utility to enable a look left/right view that follows your steering wheel movements or the side forces put on the GPL racecar.

GPL Calc by Larry Holbert. Calculates a few statistics from an exported GPL race times file.

GPL Dump by Juha Kallioinen. Extracts data out of a GPL replay file.

GPL Key Master by do0g. Overcomes the keyboard configuration limitations that GPL imposes when assigning keys to control GPL. Helpful for keyboard drivers or track building so you can drive on the track with setting up your wheel.

GPL Modifier by Martin Granberg. The program attempts to determine which version of GPL you are running.

GPL Flagman Allows you to customize the position of the guy holding up the pit board with your lap times in GPL. Normally this dolt stands just after the start finish line and tells you what your previous lap time was. Although this is more realistic, it means you have to wait another lap to see what your most recently completed lap time was. Anyway, people much more intelligent than myself have found out that by editing the track.ini file, you can change this position in such a way that the pit board guy shows you the most recently completed lap.

GPL Race Engineer by Nate Hine. The program is full featured program to setup your 67 cars.

AI Control Panel

Barry's GPL Downloads

Create Hi Res Sky and Horizon

DATman View images in a dat file.

dooDAT View images in a dat file.

F/B Draw Distance Adjust

GP Garage - Bandwidth Patch

GP Garage - Edit Starting Grids

GPL Carset Changer

GPL Coeff Checker

GPL Fanatic

GPL Power Monger For laptops w/game speed issues.

GPL Setup Comparator

GPL Spy Girl

GPL Tire Temps Look under GPL Setup Guide then Utilities I Use.

GPL Track Creating

GPL Track Start Manager

GPL Update Assistant

GPL Wall Changer

GPLAIM by Peter O'Connor.

GPLAnim animated .3do program.

GPLCSM - GPL Carset Manager

GPLOme On-line Message Util


GP²L Manager track & car manager.

GTKAlt altitude editor.

GTKMaker track layout tool.

iGOR Racelist Updater

Isle of Man Trainer



RS Shifter Utility for GPL

Setup Assistant '65

Shutaro's GPL Changer Utilities

The Racing Line regrooves a track.

trk23doz Track creation util.


WinMip 2 view/convert mip to bmp.

Strava's Gears by Jim Belshaw.

GPL Floating Mirrors by Runar

SVG-Editor by by Cris Eichler - Lets you set your grid position, AI car type, class etc once you've created an SVG file.

Editing Tools/Utilities

ASE 2 3DO by P.A. Flack. This program is used for converting .ASE (ASCII Scene Export) files created by 3DStudioMax (or 123do) into .3DO files as used by Grand Prix Legends for 3D objects.

Grid Location Changer by Neil. This program can be used by both the track creators in the initial design of the track and/or by the user who has trouble seeing the starter's green flag from his or her starting position on the grid.

GPL Number Converter by Neil. This program converts meters and degrees into GPL Unit numbers and vice-versa.

GPL Trace Altitude Formula by Neil. This program converts the meters and degrees for a single trace within a section to the GPL coeff numbers.

GPL Track Installer by Martin Granberg. This GPL track installer can be used to make it easier for people to install the nice track you just finished and want to release.

Alternative Track Installer by Bernd Nowak. This installer works in a very similiar way like the original from Martin Granberg. The difference is that the installer has no problems with the raised value of more then 64 tracks in season.ini files as well it allows the user to add additional stuff to the track directory like GEM pictures.