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Hungarian Grand Prix Legends Masters league started back in January of 2001. As there were only a few Hungarian drivers the organizers invited ace drivers from abroad to join the league. The first two seasons were won by Wéber Gábor (Gabor Weber) who later became race driver in real life too (Seat Leon Euro Cup). The same can be said about our another double champion, Michelisz Norbert (Norbert Michelisz) who also proves his skills in real life (WTCC).

List of champions

Season ID Season Title Mod(s) Driver
HGPLM1 "2001 kupa / Cup 2001" 1967 Wéber Gábor
HGPLM2 "2001 kupa / Cup 2001" 1967 Wéber Gábor
HGPLM3A "2002 A Liga / 2002 League A" 1967 Chris Darkes (international), Gagyi Zoltán (national)
HGPLM3B "2002 B Liga / 2002 League B" 1967 Hum Péter
HGPLM4A "2003 A Liga / 2003 League A" 1967 Chris Darkes (international), Gagyi Zoltán (national)
HGPLM4B "2003 B Liga / 2003 League B" 1967 Zizics János
HGPLM5 "Training Cup" 1967 Ulrich Tamás
HGPLM6 "Challenge Cup" 1967 Piski Tamás
HGPLM7 "Summer Cup" 1967 Michelisz Norbert
HGPLM8 "2004 Bajnokság / Season 2004" 1967 Michelisz Norbert
HGPLM9 "2005 Summer Cup" 1967/1965 Ulrich Tamás
HGPLM10 "X Cup" 1967 Rajnóki Tibor
HGPLM11 "Papyrus Cup" 1967 Kis Richard
HGPLM12 "Addon Cup" 1967 Juhász Tamás
HGPLM13 "13. kupa / 13th Cup" 1967 Balog Szabolcs
HGPLM14 "Kiss Zoltán Emlékkupa / Kiss Zoltán Memorial Cup" 1967 Kis Richard
HGPLM15 "15. kupa / 15th Cup" 1967 Szegletes Gábor
HGPLM16 "16. kupa / 16th Cup" 1967 Szegletes Gábor
HGPLM17 "17. kupa / 17th Cup" 1967 Szegletes Gábor
HGPLM18 "Premier Cup 1966" 1966 Soós Gyula
HGPLM19 "19. kupa / 19th Cup" 1967 Szegletes Gábor
HGPLM20 "Denny Hulme kupa / Denny Hulme Cup" 1967 Szegletes Gábor
HGPLM21 "Black Jack kupa / Black Jack Cup" 1965 Soós Gyula
HGPLM22 "Jim Clark kupa / Jim Clark Cup" 1967 Krajsek Milán


HGPLM now does not have anyone from the starting crew but continues with new members from season to season. The league has a spring and an autumn season regularly, and also fun races in between.

Note: Due to technical difficultes (very limited server bandwidth to abroad) applications are accepted only from Hungary.


Contact: Jani Posta - freeleo freemail hu