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Welcome to the Grand Prix Legends Wiki!

We try to collect a lot of information regarding the racing simulation Grand Prix Legends. This wiki tries to cover almost all aspects which are important for Grand Prix Legends or in short GPL.

If you miss certain information please feel free to contact us here:


Grand Prix Legends was developed by Papyrus and published by Sierra back in 1998. David Kaemmer, Randy Cassidy and many others created a very unique simulation compared to the previous released simulations from Papyrus.

What is simulated?

The original Grand Prix Legends covers the last Formula 1 season without aerodynamic aids such as wings. It simulates 7 car physics and 11 tracks. You can race against a field of 19 drivers. And you can race online against others as well as with others and the AI.


There have been a lot more cars involved in the 1967 season but Papyrus did it best and included the following cars:

  1. Brabham BT24
  2. BRM P115
  3. Coventry
  4. Eagle-Weslake T1G
  5. Ferrari 312
  6. Lotus 49
  7. Murasama

The Coventry is a Cooper T81B while the Murasama is the Honda RA300. The names had to be changed because they could not get the rights to include the original names. According to various people there seem to be different reasons why this happened.


There are 11 tracks included. The tracks are build like the originals have been in 1967. The following tracks are included:

  1. Kyalami (South African Grand Prix)
  2. Mexico (Mexican Grand Prix)
  3. Monaco (Monaco Grand Prix)
  4. Monza (Italian Grand Prix)
  5. Mosport (Canadian Grand Prix)
  6. Nürburgring (German Grand Prix)
  7. Rouen
  8. Silverstone (British Grand Prix)
  9. Spa (Belgian Grand Prix)
  10. Watkins Glen (United States Grand Prix)
  11. Zandvoort (Dutch Grand Prix)

Rouen is the only track which is not historically correct because in 1967 they drove at Le Mans, Bugatti Circuit.

AI Drivers

There are a lot of the original driver names included but due to various reasons some are missing.


There's no changing weather. You drive in a perfect weather environment which has no influence on the car.

Tire wear

There's no tire wear. Although the tires can heat up and lose traction. But driving a bit more carefull you can lower the tire temps easily. Additional if you start a session with new/fresh tires you will notice that traction will get better as the tires build up some heat.

Brake fading

There's no brake fading simulated.


The cars definitely use fuel and the cars get lighter when driven. The car will behave differently with a full fuel tank than with an empty one.

Weight Transfer

The simulation simulates weight transfer and this is noticable.

Pit Stops

You can drive into the pits but you can't refuel the tank or change tires there.


There's a strong community which supports Grand Prix Legends. This community has developed new features as well as new cars and new tracks. At this moment there are several car & physics mods freely available for Grand Prix Legends:

Many more are in development like the Can-Am Series, the 1968 F1 season, the 1967 Sports Cars and some more.

There's an incredible amount of tracks built. Here are the current statistics from the GPL Track Database:

  • Total Tracks listed in the database : 577
  • Real Tracks : 368
  • Fantasy Tracks : 203
  • Final Release : 480
  • Beta Tracks : 58
  • Alpha Tracks : 39


This wiki will try to help you with information about the Grand Prix Legends simulation. Like every project, this project needs help to fill in the various spots like Track Guides, Setup Guides, Support for known problems, Track Creating Guides as well as Car Creating guides and what else you think must be included. Due to abuse of public open sites and that we can't monitor these pages often enough, user editing is granted by contacting us. Keith and Bill have created a place at the SRMZ where you can offer your help as well as give feedback and suggestions. At the moment of writing you'll find this stuff here: