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GPL Rasterizers

What is a rasterizer

A rasterizer in GPL can be translated to the graphics driver of your Windows Operating system.

GPL.exe itself is calculating most of the graphic stuff and the rasterizer is responsible for the graphical output adjusted to different graphic cards.

GPL itself supports the following drivers/graphic cards:

  • 3DFX or also known as Voodoo cards
  • Rendition cards (Vérité 1000 and Vérité 2x00)
  • Soft without any specific hardware
  • D3D through Directx
  • OpenGL

The D3D and OpenGL rasterizers have been added by members of Papyrus after the simulation has been released. But it has to be said that D3D and OpenGL had been beta rasterisers and never reached a real final state.

Due to this there had been some bugs with the D3D and OpenGL rasterizers.

Nigel's V2 rasterizers

Nigel did examine the D3D and OpenGL rasterizers and did create newer ones which might be not perform better but at least they got rid of many bugs of the original ones. It's most likely that a current PC with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 RC and actual graphic drivers will only run smooth with the V2 rasterizers.