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GEM+ allows you to set virtually every option available in GPL, including many that must otherwise be set by editing core.ini with a text editor. With just a few clicks, you can set video options, choose the video rasterizer you want to use, adjust force feedback levels, choose the car and track you want to go to, adjust AI speed, and even choose the setups you want to use when you get to the track. If you want to use a different engine/chassis combination you can do that too.

It does all this in an elegantly designed, efficient, and practical Windows user interface.

Main features:

   * Can handle different GPL Installations
   * Can activate/deactivate complete GPL Modifications (65/TC/69)
   * Can be used to change GPL Video driver selection
   * Can be used to change GPL Video options depending on the selected Video Driver
   * Can be used to change GPL Detail Level
   * Can be used to change the Force Feedback settings
   * Allows to switch different engine/chassis combinations
   * Track Management
   * Can link GPL player profiles to different carsets
   * Can be used to set AI options for Tracks
   * Can be used to alter Race Options

This isn't a complete list of the features but it shows some of the important facts.

GEM+ is available as a package which includes GEM+, iGOR (the online client) and Lee's GPL Setup Manager. You can download the latest version here: []

For some solutions to common 'errors' check the GEM+ Frequently Asked Questions page.