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'''[http://hgplm.gtr-masters.hu/ HGPLM - Hungarian GPL Masters]'''
'''[http://hgplm.gtr-masters.hu/ HGPLM - Hungarian GPL Masters]'''
''''Wiki page here: [[Hungarian GPL Masters]]''''
*'''Wiki page here: [[Hungarian GPL Masters]]'''
'''[http://www.lbgpl.be/ Ligue Belge de Grand Prix Legends]'''
'''[http://www.lbgpl.be/ Ligue Belge de Grand Prix Legends]'''

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There are many great Clubs and Leagues still active in the GPL Community. Although not a definitive list, the following should provide you with many options to get racing online in GPL.


Average Drivers Club

Has Divisions in North America, Europe, and Australia. Uses the original 67's, plus the '65, '66, and '69 Mods.

GB Simracing Club

VROC F2 Club


Australian Sim Racers Group

Bob Cramers Racing League (French)

AtlasF1 Legends League

European Online Challenge

Finnish GPL Championships

Formula 1 Legends League (French)

Gone Gold GPL League

GPFUN67 Championship


GPL Argentina

GPL Brasil

GPL Fun Liga

GPL Gentlemens League

GPL Regulars Online League

GPL World Cup of 2008

GPLPT - Portugal

GPL Racer (German & English)

HGPLM - Hungarian GPL Masters

Ligue Belge de Grand Prix Legends

Ligue Francaise de GPL

LoPeN - League of Perpetual Novice Racers


Mybroga Motorsports

NASS - North American Simulation Series

oAo - online Autoracing organization


Trellet.net GPL League (Finnish)


Virtual Online Racers

Virtual-Racing e.V. (German)


The following groups were at RSC, so are currently down:

  • Paul Skingley's Thundercar Series
  • Sunday Pickup Series