Cockpit Gauge Explanations

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The page originated as a thread from RSC here by Bob Simpson.

I blew up screenshots of my dashes, labeled all the gauges and indicated the important fuel levels (Full - 1 gallon left - Sputtering - Empty) and pasted them into a word document. I printed them and mounted them onto cardboard so that I can lean the one that I'm driving just under the monitor for reference in long races. They're maximum 10 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches high, but you can adjust the sizes.

65 Brabham BT7 Cockpit Gauges

BT7 65 Gauges.jpg

65 Brabham BT11 Cockpit Gauges

BT11 65 Gauges.jpg

67 Brabham Cockpit Gauges

Brabham 67.jpg

65 BRM P261 Cockpit Gauges

BRM 65 Gauges.jpg

67 BRM Cockpit Gauges

BRM 67 Gauges.jpg

65 Cooper T77 Cockpit Gauges

Coop 65 Gauges.jpg

67 Cooper Cockpit Gauges

Cooper 67 Gauges.jpg

67 Eagle Cockpit Gauges

Eagle 67 Gauges.jpg

65 Ferrari 512 Cockpit Gauges

Fer 65 Gauges.jpg

67 Ferrari Cockpit Gauges

Ferrari 67 Gauges.jpg

67 Honda RA273 Cockpit Gauges

Honda RA273 67.jpg

65 Honda Cockpit Gauges

Honda 65 Gauges.jpg

67 Honda RA300 Cockpit Gauges

Honda RA300 67.jpg

65 Lotus Cockpit Gauges

Lot 65 Gauges.jpg

67 Lotus Cockpit Gauges

Lotus 67 Gauges.jpg