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Important information: These are the original GPL keyboard assignments. Be aware that if you're using addon programs these settings might be 'override' by the addon program.

The list is not completed. At the moment the multiplayer chat commands are missing. You find the original from Achim Kraft here as well as a zip file containing the PDF files you can download here as well as the winword documents.

General Sim Control

Key(s) Function
ESC > ENTER Return to BOX / Quit
F1 Show Help (offline only)
F2 Replay (offline only)
F3 Options menu (offline only)
F10 Change Driving view (Cockpit / Chase)
PAUSE Pause/Unpause (offline only)
ENTER Open chat / send message (mulitplayer only)
ALT + F Show/Hide Framerate
ALT + M Show/Hide online connection quality (lat-quality-sync)
SHIFT + R Car Reset (not available in pro and GP mode)
SHIFT + T Reset max. Rev needle

Replay Mode and Live Mode Control

Key(s) Function
C Change Camera (forwards)
V 1 Change Driver (forwards)
SHIFT + C 2 Change Camera (backwards)
SHIFT + V 2 Change Driver (backwards)
Numpad 1 (End) 2 Forwards To End Of Vid
Numpad 4 (Left Arrow) 2 Rewind Slo-Mo
Numpad 5 Repetition Stop/Continue
Numpad 6 (Right Arrow) Forwards Slo-Mo
Numpad 7 (Home) Rewind To Start Of Vid
SHIFT + Numpad 4 Fast-Rewind (upto x16 Speed)
SHIFT + Numpad 6 Fast-Forward (upto x16 Speed)
Numpad , (Delete) Switch To Live-Feed

1,2 :Methode to check for save Pit-Out without using Pribluda; working only the Car stands still (cockpit + F10) !

Making Screenshots

Key(s) Function
ALT + PrtScrn Copy ONE screenshot to the windows clipboard. Paste in desired photo-editor to view/save
PrtScrn Save Multiple Screenshots in the GPL directory as PBF files (only on 3dfx-cards) e.g. gplss##.pbf. Convert to TGA format using PBF2TGA.EXE. Or use WINMIP2 or DATMAN to convert the files in other format. Other users (D3D7 or Open-gl) may use single programs like snapshot or others.

Multiplayer - Chat commands and Boss Control

You can now issue private chat messages to any one of the players connected to the server. Begin your message with "/", followed by the name of the player (or #car_number), followed by the message. For example

	/#16 Hey, John.  What's up?
	/smith What's up?
	/j.smith What's up?
	/jo.smi What's up?
	/john.smith What's up?

The message will only be sent to the person you identify (or you will be given an error message if the program couldn't figure out who you meant).

There was no way to control a GPL server remotely. Remote clients can now control a GPL server (we call anyone that can control the server a "boss"). This is accomplished by using a special form for the server password. Clients that connect with the "boss" password will be able to control the server. The password format is now "[access_pwd][/[boss_pwd]][=f.last_of_boss]" (neither the brackets, nor the quotes, should be used, and anything between a pair of brackets is optional). The password is not case sensitive. The meaning of several example server passwords is given below...

	"" - No password specified.  Anyone may connect to the server.  Only the
	server itself is a boss.

	"private"  - All clients must enter the password (private) in order to connect
	to the server.  Only the server itself is a boss.

	"private/secret" - All clients must enter the password (private) in order to
	connect to the server.  Any client that also knows the boss password (secret),
	and gives the password correctly (private/secret) will also be a boss of the
	server.  Note that this allows there to be more than one boss for the server.
	Bosses must cooperate with each other!

	"private/secret=f.smith" - Same as above, but any driver whose last name is
	"smith", and whose first initial is "f" will be given boss control over the
	server, even if they don't enter the boss password (secret).

	"/quiet" - Anyone may connect to the server without specifying a password.
	Anyone that gives the boss password (/quiet) will also be a boss.

	"/" - This would be interesting!  Anyone can connect to the server without
	specifying a password.  Everyone that connects will be a boss.

There was no way to eject a player from a server. Any boss may now remove a player using the "!eject" command. The command should be entered as a chat message. The format of the command is "!eject player", where player can either be the "#" symbol along with the player's car number, or the players name. For example,

	"!eject #12"
	"!eject smith"
	"!eject f.smith"
	"!eject fred.smith"

Any Boss may tell the server to stop the current race (if any), disconnect all clients, and exit by issuing the "!shutdown" command as a chat message.