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The Groundhog Series is a fun race series and it isn't heavily moderated or anything - it's very much "come as you are".


Groundhog GPL was Magnus Rubensson's (co-admin) old GPL blog which is a bit inactive at the moment due to a general lack of time lately. It's a mixture of racing history, Youtube clips, Magnus' own spoof stories and general "GPL insanity". Just a bit of fun. Wacky Races, sort of... The name Groundhog is a spoof on the film "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. The link between GPL and Groundhog (Day) is that when racing GPL, the year 1967 starts over and over and over... just like in the film Groundhog Day.



Drive like gentlemen! Drive as you were there! Be patient, wait for the best moment to pass. People in other cars would like to enjoy the race too.
Obey the flags! Let faster drivers to pass you at blue. Slow down a bit and be careful (and do not overtake) at yellow.
Never give up! The more drivers on the track, the more fun the race is.


1st place = 1 pt
2nd place = 2 pts
3rd place = 3 pts
4th place = 4 pts
5th place = 5 pts
other finishers = 6 pts
non-finishers = 8 pts
non-starters = 10 pts
This system is based on the 1925 World Championship rules. The less is the better. Best six results count toward the championship.
You must complete 90% of race distance to be classified as 'finisher'.


If there should be complaints concerning any driver, such complaints should be forwarded via PM to Magnus.
An independent 'steward' will look at the replay. If the steward finds that the complaint is indeed justified, the offending driver will be given a yellow card and be restricted to a slow car for the following race in the series. The steward's decision is final and can not be overturned.
A driver who is given a yellow after the race will be restricted to using the slowest car at the next race.
If a driver who is already under yellow causes enough mayhem to warrant another warning, this will result in a red card. The offending driver will then receive a one-race ban. When he has served the one-race ban, he is back to normal. Just like in football.
In this way, drivers who continuously offend will continuously lose points since they are continuously either driving slow cars or being under one-race bans. So they continuously drop in the results tables and may theoretically lose half seasons if they don't get their acts together.
At the same time, drivers can always come back by simply improving their driving standards.

List of champions

Year Driver
1950 Andrew Aitken
1955 Gabor Soos
1960 Gyula Soos

Current seasons


Run with 1965 mod. Intermediate-Long points races.

  1. East London
  2. Brands Hatch (1967), Henry Surtees Memorial Race
  3. Spa-Francorchamps
  4. Charade
  5. Silverstone
  6. Zandvoort
  7. Leipzig
  8. Monza
  9. Watkins Glen
  10. Mexico

Pre-War Series #4

Run with 1967 mod. Intermediate-Long points races.

  1. Spa-Francorchamps
  2. Bremgarten
  3. Milano
  4. Tripoli
  5. Carthage
  6. Parco del Valentino
  7. Montjuic Park
  8. Chimay
  9. Montlhéry
  10. Hockenheim (1932)


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