LOR Trackguide Nuerburgring Wehrseifen

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First Corner (Left hander)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 120-125 mph [193-202 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 45 mph [73 kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 3 minutes 15.39 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 6.40 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 3 minutes 21.79 seconds


Wehrseifen is really just a continuation of Kallenhard as it goes down the bush-lined hill. The key to its first left hander is the entrance. There is a slight right hand bend just before the turn which can upset the car under heavy braking as the track rises slightly at that point. Easing off the brakes slightly just before the bend will keep you on the road. You'll be in third gear under full acceleration as you approach this turn. After leaving the final right hand bend of the previous turn you should be near the middle of the track. There is a small section of the racing groove which is darker than the rest. Use this as a brake marker. Drive past it under full acceleration, wait a moment, then brake fairly hard. Shift down to second gear before reaching the right hand bend, then ease off the brakes a little. This will transfer a little more of the load towards the rear of the car, stabilizing it through the bend.


After the bend you can add a little more brake pressure and shift down to first gear. Turn into the corner when you reach the armco on the right, reaching the left edge of the track at the same time as you reach the wall of the bridge. Get your left front wheel right next to this wall, using a little trail-braking if necessary (just make sure the wheel stays attached to your car). By the time you pass the beginning of the wall you should be finished braking. Add a little power to maintain your speed.

You'll have to wait a moment after passing the end of the wall before you can move away from the edge of the track. So after a beat, begin to accelerate and move towards the middle of the track. You should be able to get back to full acceleration before the next turn.

Second Corner (Right hander)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 70 mph [113 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 70 mph [113 kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 3 minutes 22.80 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 2.07 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 3 minutes 24.87 seconds


This corner is similar to the first right hander of Kallenhard, except it's easier. After you leave the previous turn, you should be moving across the track towards the apex of this turn. Shift up to second gear before you reach the grass, then back off a little to help you get round the turn. No braking is required. If you make a good exit out of the previous turn, a straight line across the track should see you hit the inside edge of this turn perfectly. The rear of the car will be quite light as you come to the exit of this turn, so don't be in a hurry to get the power down. As the track straightens out, gradually add a little more power as you move over to the left side of the track. Once there you can smoothly get back to full power and continue down the hill.

Third Corner (Left hander)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 135 mph [218 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 70 mph [113 kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 3 minutes 29.76 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 5.68 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 3 minutes 35.44 seconds


This left hander is quite tricky because you approach it coming downhill, have to brake and turn at the same time, and then deal with a fairly significant hump as you are trying to exit. A smooth entrance will help tremendously here. A slight right hand bend and a dip in the track precedes the turn. You should be shifting up to fourth gear as you reach the dip. Continue under full acceleration while moving the car over to the right side of the track.


Just after the white line ends on the right, the racing groove darkens. Use this as your braking marker. Just after you reach this point, brake hard and downshift to third gear. Continue in a straight line until the track starts turning to the left. As the turn progresses it tightens up, so you can come into the corner quite quickly and slow down as you get farther into it. When the turn begins, ease off the brakes slightly and start turning in. Don't get too close to the bushes yet.

As the turn tightens up (it's fairly obvious where this happens) downshift to second gear and pull the car in close to the bushes.


you reach the bushes get off the brakes and balance the car on the power. The track has a bump in it where it crosses the bridge. If you are still braking you'll probably lose the rear end, so make sure you are off the brakes by this point. Let the car drift out to the right as you come over the bridge. You should reach the outside wall of the bridge just after the bump in the track, then gradually begin to add some power. Be careful as if you get too close to the wall you'll have a rear wheel on the grass and will spin when you add power, so be watchful for this. Slowly bring the car over to the left side of the track as you exit and begin to climb the hill. Full acceleration is reached quite soon after leaving the bridge.