LOR Trackguide Nuerburgring Aremberg

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First Corner (Right hander)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 125-130 mph [202-210 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 65 mph [105 kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 1 minute 58.17 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 6.89 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 2 minutes 5.06 seconds


This downhill right hander can be tricky if you are out of shape following the previous left hander. Otherwise it's relatively easy. To make the most of it you need to be good at trail braking. You should be on the left side of the track as you exit the previous turn in fourth gear and trying to accelerate as much as possible. Make sure you are on the left side of the track or you will have to slow down much more than necessary. If you are very close to someone ahead you may be able to pass here, but it is very difficult.


There is a tree near the fence on your left that is an excellent braking reference point. Just before you reach it brake hard and start shifting down to second gear. Continue in a straight line until just before reaching the Aremberg sign on your left. At this point ease off the brakes and turn into the corner. Gradually reduce the amount of brake pressure until you reach the apex, by which time you should be completely off the brakes.


You will hit the apex a little way before the middle of the turn and should hold the car there until you are past the middle of the turn. If you start to leave it too early you'll have a tough time staying on the track under acceleration. Once you reach the apex, get back on the power as much as you can without pushing the car away from the inside edge too soon. Then as you start to leave the corner, get back to full power. This will push the rear wheels out to the left so be ready for a little correction. You should aim to reach the left side of the track just before the bridge. Continue under full acceleration near the left edge of the track as you go under the bridge.

Second Corner (Downhill esses)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 130 mph [210 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 170* mph [274* kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 2 minutes 8.50 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 6.03 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 2 minutes 14.53 seconds

(*You increase speed as you go down the hill.)


This downhill ess section is very fun and can easily be taken flat. After you leave the exit of the previous turn you should stay at full acceleration all the way down this hill. You should be able to get into fourth gear as you enter the first left hand bend. Once in the esses it's as if you are skiing down the hill. Hit each apex right at the grass and the aim for the next one.


You can get a pretty straight line going, with the car sliding a little as you pass each apex. However, it will grip again before the next one is reached, so you shouldn't have to worry about going wide. If you do run over the grass try and keep your foot down. Only back off if you start to slide left or right significantly. As long as you are going downhill things should be good. You will have to upshidt to fifth at some point. Try to make this just as you turn into an ess. As you come off the power the car will turn in quicker, and then when you get back on the power it will push away from the grass again. It helps you turn and doesn't slow you down as much as shifting between esses.