LOR Trackguide Nuerburgring Fuchsröhre

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First Corner (Left hander)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 175 mph [282 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 155-160 mph [250-258 kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 2 minutes 15.02 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 2.81 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 2 minutes 17.83 seconds


This left hander is very difficult. It comes right at the bottom of a hill which then starts to climb back up very sharply. The car will want to bottom out and if you let it you might as well forget the lap because you'll probably crash. Two things will help you to prevent the car from bottoming out, not including having a ride height above 3 inches. First make sure you don't end up on the left side of the track as it starts uphill. Let the car go to the right, making the turn wider, and the suspension will have less load and you are less likely to bottom out. It's hard to let yourself do this as you think you're going to run wide, but you must not end up on the left side of the track. Secondly you have to have some power on when the track starts uphill again. This corner can almost be taken flat, but you do need to back off slightly. Having some power on as you start up hill will plant the back of the car which will give you more traction if you do bottom out, as well as lifting the front of the car a little higher off the ground which should help prevent you from bottoming out.


You'll be under full acceleration in top gear as you approach this turn. Make sure you get over to the right after the last ess. Then about halfway between that ess and the uphill climb start moving across the track. You will enter the turn just left of the middle. As the racing groove gets darker, back off the power to about half way. You may want to tap the brakes here as well. From here on you probably won't get back to full power again. You need to concentrate on staying on the track and getting a good line for the following turn.


This turn actually is a double left hander. However think of it as one long turn with the apex being at the second left hand bend. This is where you should be fairly close to the grass on the left. After this point start to move the car towards the right side of the track. If you don't you risk bottoming out as mentioned above. keep the power down as you go up the hill, trying to stay near the right.

Also note that during a race, with a full fuel load, you have to back off a lot more as you come into this turn. The extra weight of the car will definitely push it into the ground and you'll lose control. So brake harder and a little earlier during the race.

Second Corner (Left hander)

  • Entrance speed: approximately 150 mph [242 kph]
  • Speed through the corner: approximately 110 mph [177 kph]
  • Arrival time at the corner: 2 minutes 18.59 seconds
  • Time to negotiate the corner: 2.07 seconds
  • Exit time of the corner: 2 minutes 20.66 seconds


This left hander is not that tricky if you got a good exit out of the uphill previously. The two most common mistakes are to be too far to the left out of the uphill in which case you end up running up the steep bank at the apex getting completely out of control and crashing into the barriers, or to have too much speed coming into the turn and going wide into that tree. Of course this assumes you didn't bottom out and completely lose it with the car flying over the embankment, which can be quite spectacular for the spectators, but not too good for a lap time.


The car will be right at its limit of traction as you exit the previous turn, so you must be very gentle with it. This means you can't brake very hard or you risk losing the rear end. There is not a real braking reference point for this turn, but about half way up the hill, brake moderately and downshift two gears. Turn in when you reach the tree on the right, hitting the apex late in the turn right near the grass. You need to have the power on as you go through this turn. So after you turn in, get off the brakes and back on the power to keep the car balanced. The rear will want to slide out to the right, and by adding more power you can prevent this. You will still have to correct with the wheel, but it will be less severe than if you went through off the power. Try to keep as far to the left as possible as you exit. This is difficult, but will help you with the following turn.